• Why Buy a Hand Made Oriental Rug?

    Why Buy a Hand Made Oriental Rug?
    A Story of a Lifetime Buying a rug is like an untold love story that always grows over time. The first mentioning of a rug was in about 400 B.C and the oldest rug that still lives is about 2400 years old.   This is the Pazyryk Carpet Known to be the oldest piled rug still in existence, and is housed at St. Petersburg’s...
  • Bareens.com Opening SAVINGS

    Bareens.com Opening SAVINGS
    Here at Breens Designer Rugs we are proud to be the fifth generation manufacturer wholesaler and retailers of quality hand made carpets. To cut out all third parties that markup rugs upto 10 times; we decided to sell these beautiful ageless rugs and pass the savings onto you; the consumer. During the opening of Bareens.com in the month of November we are offering a extra...
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