Bareens Designer Rugs is proud to be the fourth generation curators of highest and finest quality handmade designer rugs. We design manufacture wholesale and retail hand knotted rugs. We are committed to condition and quality through which we ensure durability and affordable prices for prestigious residential and commercial environments. We believe in the standard of quality, coloration, service and authenticity of our masterpieces. We take great pride to represent the ancient traditional art of rug making steeped in vibrant colors and artistic expressions.
Our collection of timeless updated classic and authentic reproduction is made from age- old weaving method that is reliable and affordable with endless design and construction possibilities. Our top quality broadloom in modern, contemporary, and distinct traditional design, provide an unmatched combination of inspired design, high quality and incomparable value. Acknowledging the vitality in the forever changing rug market, our traditional rugs will provide a fusion into your modern fast-paced lifestyle, while our contemporary distressed pieces will make a statement in any room.
Our Mission is to innovate through research and development while preserving centuries old traditional rugs. We strive to provide a product which celebrates originality, guide creative expression, and provide our customers with unparalleled quality with exceptional custom service and account management. Focusing on the durability, beauty and artistry of handmade rugs, while all being economically and globally safe.
Each season brings a wealth of new ideas culled from our exclusive partnerships with the world's most renowned artisans. This allows us to showcase their unique products, passion and vision offering an expansive line of inventory. Our outstanding new collection of top quality contemporary rugs is available in a wide variety of colorways and numerous exquisite designs to complement any interior. Customers can choose from hundreds of collections; ranging from antique, semi-antique, and even antique reproductions to custom, contemporary and oversized rugs.
Committed to condition, quality, creativity and reliability we have carefully built one of the finest and most extensive collections worldwide. Our strength is our own manufacturing and production, along with superior cleaning and restoration resources. Our timeless collections of hand-picked patterns, hand crafted with a modern twist with the finest wool to withstand the most challenging demands of today’s lifestyles. Our carpets are epitome of high-end luxury rugs combined with affordable prices bringing vibrant and luscious life into your home. Truly, “A Touch of Heaven”
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