Tribal Mamluk Bernie Tan Black Hand Knotted Rug - 8'0 x 9'9

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With strict standards of craftsmanship and quality of materials used this magnificent hand-knotted rug features a Mamluk design characterized by their unique weave and fine quality wool. Made for the Sultans in the 15th Century, Mamluk hand-knotted rugs devour design and structural characteristics that are based on a unique interplay of geometric forms with beauteous medallions made up of intersecting compartments and subtle layering making it a masterpiece of its own. This magnificent rug made with handspun wool and natural dyes features soft and lustrous, almost silk-like wool which gives it an elegant royal look. The breath-taking color pallet with an intricate geometric Mamluk design brings a rich form of cultural art to any decor. The unique hand-knotted rug narrates an archival story of the Mamluk Sultans and the Ottoman Empire bringing a rich sense of history, elegance, and sophistication in any decor.

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