Why Buy a Hand Made Oriental Rug?


A Story of a Lifetime

Buying a rug is like an untold love story that always grows over time. The first mentioning of a rug was in about 400 B.C and the oldest rug that still lives is about 2400 years old.  

This is the Pazyryk Carpet Known to be the oldest piled rug still in existence, and is housed at St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum.  

The traditional art of making a handmade oriental rugs have been cherished over the world for centuries and will be for centuries to come because of the beautiful high-quality characteristics, quality and long durability for use.

An Oriental rug is an investment that accumulates significance and value over time. These heirlooms have been passed through generation after generations to hold significant sentimental value. Because Oriental rugs are woven with strong fibers and made by hand, they can endure regular wear for years.

Rug Story

There is always a story. It takes a skilled artisan to make these beautiful handmade rugs month’s sometimes even years to complete. Each rug has its own unique story to tell from start to finish. From grooming the sheep, spinning the wool, making sure the wool is up to standards, designing the rug, coloring the wool, to making the actually carpet to finishing and washing for a finished product which tells a story of its own. The rugs help feed hundreds of families.

Always in style

No matter Persian, Pakistani, Indian, or Turkish; handmade rugs are always in style. No matter what design it is; these designs have been passed down from over centuries and have not gone out of fashion and will not anytime soon.

They’re well-constructed.

Hand-knotted carpets have a much better quality then the ones that are manufactured by machines. These hand-made rugs are as authentic as they come and each knot is manually knotted by a skilled artisan. Hand-made rugs do not rip or shed unlike machine made or tufted rugs do. They can be gently cleaned by hand at home, and professionally cleaned for exquisite results.

Finesse with imperfections

The beauty of handmade rugs lies with the uniqueness of its refined imperfections. Each rug is more intricate and unique then the other like aged wine or sculpture. Because Oriental rugs are handcrafted by hand and carefully designed it makes it very hard to make another exactly the same.

They are a good investment

Oriental rugs accumulate value over time if taken care of in the right way. (How to maintain your rug) If cared of properly you rug can last you a life time and some more due to the strong natural fibers and high quality. Some ways to classify a rug

  1. 25-70 years is considered a semi-antique
  2. 80+ is considered an antique
One reached these point in life the rugs has an impressive value to them and can be sold for 4 to 5 times the actual value sometimes more.


Why buy a Woolen handmade rug in particular?

Woolen rugs are soft and luxurious to the touch. They are naturally stain resistant and flame retardant (their fibers will not ignite if exposed to flame and self-extinguish quickly without the need for additional treatments). Though wool carpets are expensive, they are a better value.

Wool is soft, durable and the fibers can be stretched up to 30 percent without breaking and will bounce back. If wool is not Certified Organic, it may contain pesticides which will float in the air and make people suffer from allergies. Good woolen rugs help purify the air by absorbing indoor air contaminants that may cause harm. Please refer to our “How to Maintain your rug”, page to help you monomer and keep yourself and rug healthy.


Sharing is caring

Most of rug companies like Bareens Designer Rug support the community surrounding their work place by providing food shelter and work for community by donating portion of their proceeds to charities.

Making schools so weavers kids can get a better education. After all, as Sir Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is power”.


Environmentally friendly & Renewable/Biodegradable

Wool is a natural protein grown directly on sheep without the use of chemicals and unlike synthetic materials which will take years upon years to biodegrade, wool will biodegrade in a much shorter amount of time when placed in the soil and give back to the earth the nutrients that allowed it to grow in the first place.


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